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The melee attack is an attack only useful at close range. It does decent damage, but the speed of the attack is determined by the weapon being used. It usually only takes 3 melee attacks to kill a multiplayer opponent at full health, however, in The Conduit the SMAW only took 2 melee attacks to kill an online opponent at full health. In Conduit 2, a backstab, AKA a melee attack from behind, will usually kill an opponent in one hit, however, The Conduit did not feature Backstabs.

Conduit 2 Multiplayer Statistics[]

Applies differently offline, and is completely different from The Conduit's statistics.

  • Range - 0.8m
  • Improved Range - 1.8 (Only applied when "Improve Melee" is on)
  • Damage - 40.0
  • Headshot Multiplier - None
  • Backstab Damage - 100.0
  • Backstab Headshot Multiplier - None

Note: Both damages are boosted by the Damage Control Point.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

Note: Although technically nothing increases damage, the following effects are still only applied to things weapon.

  • Blinding Powder (Secondary Upgrade B)
  • Improved Melee (Secondary Upgrade C)


  • The Melee attack is often used as a follow up attack after someone uses the SPAS 12 or Warp Pistol Charge in multiplayer.
  • It is nearly impossible to diliver a Backstab in conduit 2's Campaign/Invasion mode, but if the player managed to use one, it would almost guarantee a kill.
  • Although much disputed, the Melee attack is in fact technically a weapon, in Conduit 2 it has upgrades to prove it.