Warp Pistol

Mites are the smallest members of The Drudge. They are thought to be hatchlings and grow into the larger types, such as Drones, Scarabs, and Skimmers. The Mites can either come out of conduits, or egg sacs. There are four types of Mites. The first type are the Therm-Mites, which have spikes on their back, large claws, are reddish orange colored, and will roll up to the player and blow up. The second are Med-Mites. They are brownish blue, have pink spikes on their back, and they will will heal their allies. They wield a Warp Pistol. The Para-Mites could be described as "flying worms". They have no limbs, and use no weapons. Their only form of attack is poking the player. Finally, the Tear-Mites are a blue colored variation of Therm-Mites. They carry no weapons, and will try to slash the player. Afterwards, they wave their arms in the air and make a sound similar to a laugh. This later group of Mites have been redesigned in Conduit 2 and they look a bit different than in The Conduit.


Mites come in 5 forms throughout the Conduit series.

  • Tear-Mites: Tear-Mites are the most common breed of mites


Blast them to pieces via any weapon as they are the easiest of the Drudge to kill. If there are any egg sacs, it is important to locate and destroy these as a priority. It is important to destroy Mites quickly, because they can surround you right in the open, making you a sitting duck.

A single melee is enough to kill any mite on any difficulty, it is typically recommended to simply melee mites when they get close. (except para-mites and therm-mites)


  • A unique type of Mite can be found only in the underground section of the Washington DC mission in Conduit 2, they are called "Blind-Mites". They are practically identical to the regular Tear-Mites and also spawn from Egg Sacs, but they typically strike in large numbers at once, becoming a formidable danger against newcomers to the game.
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