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Featured in Conduit 2, these turrets, like the Oil Rig Harpoons, are very powerful and feature unlimited ammo, but will never overheat and seem to have a faster fire rate and a faster projectile overall. Only two can be found in the game, considered separated weapons but with identical firing properties.

The first one can be found in Washington, D.C., in a big, multi-tiered area when Michael Ford finds a large gate that needs to be unlocked, an open building nearby has two small slopes, climbing the one on the left will lead to the turret, to use it the player will have to press the action button. After activating it, 9 soldiers will come out in groups of 3, giving the player a chance to practice with the weapon. Using it after unlocking the gate will not spawn the enemies.


Ford using the HAVOC Gunship's turret

The HAVOC Gunships feature, among other weapon systems, a rear mounted automatic turret for defensive purposes that works in a similar fashion, and is used by Ford during a boss fight at the end of the Siberia mission. Unlike the ground mounted version, this turret has a kind of alternate fire, by holding the jump button, it will activate the ship's shields to protect it from enemy fire for a short time.


  • The turret on the ship will not record kills or any other statistics related to the weapon (which includes the enemies being shot). The turret on Washington does though.