Neurotoxin is a specific type of toxin that affects nerve cells which usually results in paralysis or death. Some Neurotoxins stop depolarization and action potentials from occurring which causes damage to the nervous system. Neurotoxins also affect nervous tissue and can be found being used in venoms and as chemical weapons.

In The ConduitEdit

In The Conduit, an unidentified Neurotoxin changes regular humans into Puppet Humans, controlling their thoughts and body movement. It can be assumed that this Neurotoxin can only affect the dead as shown in a cut scene in Enemy. The toxin was developed by The Trust and could be related to The Bug, a flu like disease also developed by The Trust.

The Neurotoxin was sealed away in biohazard containers that were kept in the second floor infirmary of Bunker 13. The Neurotoxin was transported to Reagan National Airport for the event of the second mission of the game to turn all allies against Michael Ford, both Trust Field Agents and U.S Armed Forces.

After the events of the third mission, there are supposedly no traces left of the Neurotoxin.


  • In The Conduit, the name of the Neurotoxin is not revealed but simply referred to as "a type of Neurotoxin".
  • The Neurotoxin only plays a big role in the second and third missions of The Conduit.
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