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The Oil Rig Harpoons are a type of fully automatic turrets found in the "Crane Platform" section of the Trust controlled Oil Rig. These are used in two different ways by the protagonist Michael Ford near the end of the first mission in Conduit 2's story mode.

(Note: Their official name, if they have one, is currently unknown and the name chosen for this article is only to differentiate them from other turret types)


Like other types of turrets used by the player in the campaign mode, these special weapons have a fixed position in the area and have unlimited ammo, but are prone to overheating if used too much. The turrets have two cannons, one on each side, that fire their bullets in an alternated fashion (only one of the cannons fires at a time), and has a decent fire rate because of this. A single bullet can take out a scientist no matter where is shot, showing how powerfull the turrets are. They also have a 360 degree freedom of rotation on its axis, letting the player aim at any point of the platform.

These turrets come to use near the end of the Oil Rig mission, when Ford must battle a gigantic boss named Leviathan and the turrets are the only weapons that are powerfull enough to damage it at that time. Once the leviathan is damaged enough, the turrets will automaticaly switch to their alternative function, which is an electrically charged harpoon launcher. Harpoons are unlimited too, but they can't be shot in quick succession and their travel speed is not too great, so good aiming is necessary. One harpoon alone can't do the job though, once the leviathan is struck with one, another must be used from a different turret to create an electrical current between the two wires of the harpoons. A single electrical charge like that is enough to defeat the leviathan.

If Michael ever needs to switch back to firing bullets, he can use the alternate fire button to do so, and he can also switch back again to harpoon mode as well with the same button.

The turrets are only found in this mission, but other turret types can be used on latter missions.