Many online maps of The Conduit have small glitches. Most of these have been discovered by players. There are four main maps which have few glitches in them. They are Streets, Bunker, Pentagon, and Complex.

In Bunker, you could go inside an invisible room, but it is very difficult. The glitch helps you because you can see the outside of the room and kill opponents, but your opponents can't kill you or see you. There is also another glitch in the map in which you can get outside of it and kill opponents with weapons. In Streets, you can go on top of a roof and kill your opponents with the SCAR, and explore the roof and some hidden rooms. The Street glitch is considered the hardest glitch in the game. The Pentagon and Complex glitch are very similar. The glitch gets you out of the map and is usually useless. There are lots of YouTube videos in which you could see the glitches. One other major glitch is that you can "mix" weapons- creating a weapon with the appearance and damage of one weapon, and the fire rate and ammo capacity of another. This glitch is done by standing on top of a dropped weapon and crouching repeatedly. The Infirmary level has a glitch that allows you to maneuver outside of the level as the video listed belows shows. There is a doorway that if positioned under correctly will cause you to drop under the level allowing access to many places.

Note: You should NEVER glitch in public online matches. Doing that is just cheap and wrong and ruins the game. If you have any integrity at all you should not glitch in public games although many players do it, your a cheater and if you think you have to glitch to get a advantage thats just your loss. Glitching/exploiting online can risk a ban from Nintendo Wi-Fi and other consequences. If you do choose to glitch or exploit the game with mixing weapons etc, only do it in private games, so you donot cheat and disturb online play.If you glitch in a public game, then GTFO, noob.

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