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The cover of the comic.

Orange Lights is a digital comic book used to promote The Conduit.  The comic was released for free by  The comic tells the story of Gordon Wells and Heather Hampton and their efforts to uncover the truth about the Drudge invasion.


It is three weeks since the events of The Conduit. Aboard his yacht, the Turmoil II, conspiracy radio host Gordon Wells announces his intentions to discuss the recent "alien invasion" on air. While taking calls from viewers, he examines a mysterious package originating from what would be the headquarters of High Voltage Software. Shortly after signing off, he opens the package and discovers a mysterious letter explaining that it contains a tape of leftover filmed footage obtained by news reporter Heather Hampton of the invasion, as well as Michael Ford's heroic actions against it.

Wells plays the tape and it reveals raw, incomplete footage of Hampton's investigation into the invasion, comprising of many individual segments divided by periods of visual static to represent unintelligible data. He watches the first several minutes, which show Hampton and a cameraman witnessing armed forces battling the aliens at the Supreme Court, followed by several more segments of Hampton noticing a battle at the Library of Congress, then moving in inside, following the path Ford took to reach its main reading room, where she discovers a secret passageway to the sewers that Ford used to find and destroy a Drudge nest. Wells then stops the tape as night falls, and then examines a newspaper clipping and a photo of his family, revealing that they were killed by what he believed to be the legendary Chupacabra and not a coyote as what authorities believed.

Wells goes back on air to tell his listeners that the videotape he watched is telling the truth. One caller expresss skepticism about some of his prior discussion topics, but Wells is dismissive of them. He then announces that he is going to upload a digital video file of the tape online within the next 24 hours. The next morning, Wells takes a scrutiny-filled look at the area around him, before playing the rest of the tape.

The tape continues with segments of footage where Hampton notices the White House under alien attack, in which she first catches a glimpse of Ford in action and his mission to secure President Charles Thompson, which ended with Ford freeing Thompson's Marine One from the clutches of giant Drudge tentacles. In the next series of segments, Hampton wonders if any part of what she's filming is making it to the network, with the cameraman suspecting that someone may be jamming their transmissions without expressing any awareness of a Trust-designed signal jammer behind her like the ones seen in the Trust headquarters. The cameraman then threatens to destroy the camera if it does not cooperate while Hampton is at the Pentagon courtyard, watching Ford up close checking his All-Seeing Eye before turning his attention to a hulking Invader smashing into the courtyard, fighting it to finally secure the Pentagon.

The tape ends with a final segment of Heather standing at the entrance of an opened ASE Cache, commenting about how she witnessed Ford using the ASE to unlock it, go inside and walk out with "a strange weapon", before concluding that he indeed is a hero. As the segment and the tape ends in a sea of static, Wells stops the tape and concludes that he has seen enough and everyone needs to see it. He begins to convert it into a digital file, but unfortunately, is confounded by how time-consuming the process would be. Shortly after he starts the conversion, he receives a cell phone call from Ford's physically deceased ally, Prometheus, with his caller ID written in the Drudge alphabet. Prometheus, existing only as a consciousness in Ford's All-Seeing Eye after his body was destroyed in the Containment Lab by Ford at his behest, warns Wells that Trust agents are coming for the tape and he needs to hide it now.

Wells takes a look at who is coming aboard his yacht, before making a futile attempt to hide the tape. The agents flash orange lights at him, knocking him unconscious, then put him in a chair where they continue to use the orange lights to convince him to forget about the tape and its importance. In the process, John Adams, whom the agents came with, taunts Wells that the public will never hear about Ford's heroics and looks forward to seeing him feed the masses with more nonsense while Adams continues to execute his sinister plans. When Wells comes to, he receives an influx of calls about whether he was able to upload the video he told about earlier, but, under the Trust's mind control, he denies that he has ever seen or talked about such a tape.