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Conduit 2 - environments (Precipice)

Overview of Precipice

Precipice is an area of Conduit 2 located somewhere at the southwest of the US. The area is visited in one of the several missions of the game's story mode. Chronologically, this is the last area visited in the story mode, since it can only be accessed after beating the game.

Conduit 2 Campaign[]

To visit it, Michael Ford must find the coordinates of the level in one of the


main missions. The only objective of the level is to find all the items scattered around without being killed by the endless enemies, and then, Ford must reactivate the conduit he came in to return to Atlantis. This mission is entirely optional, and such, the story mode can be beaten without doing it. By judging from the data logs of the area, it seems that this was once the location of the Progenitor Claudius and the ancient Anasazi race.

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A large multiplayer map based on this area is available for online and split-screen competitive games.


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The map is mostly composed of large towers with rooftops ideal for sniper gameplay. The map has some symetry to it, but mostly it has an irregular shape with the towers located at different sides of the area. Many of the towers also feature bridges to connect two of them, although it is possible to drop from most of them without suffering a suicide. Other than the towers, the map also features some underground passages that can be used to traverse the map with relative protection from the snipers. There are some big slopped "girders" on both sides of the map that can be used as other sniping spot. The Control Points are scattered in non-symetrical ways


: The health control point is located in the highest tower of the map on the Red Team's side, the speed point is at ground level near the entrance of a tower on Blue Team's side, and the damage point is in between sides, inside on of the underground passages near the edge of the map. Of the three, the health point is arguably the most dangerous to get, since whoever is capturing it is vulnerable from practically any place in the map.

Due to the overall layout and size of the map, long range weapons are the most used on the map.

If you are an experienced player, you can use the SPAS-12 at your advantage. If enemies are hiding in sniper spots, or are just staying in the towers, you can easily rush with it, and earn easy kills.


  • The coordinates for this area are +37° 15', -108° 25'. When used on a map, these coordinates lead to a remote zone located within the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

thumb|300px|left|Precipice in Conduit 2's Multiplayer