A Puppet is a Human or Drudge under the control of a strange neuro-toxin, possiblely a more powerful form of The Bug. Puppets are basicly are slaves and do what their master wants.


Puppets are Humans and Drudge that are under the control of a neuro-toxin, created likely by John Adam or a goon of his. It's unknown if The Bug is anyway related with this neuro-toxin, but evidence seems to show it does not. However it's possible it's a more stronger form of The Bug. They can be spread through the water and by the air, and often held in propane like tanks to help them being easily spread. Puppets can even be created from dead corpses, though it seems like the body must not be to rotten. From information said in Conduit 2, The Drudge are in fact Puppets too, at least not any in the Free Drudge group.


Known PuppetsEdit

Enemy PuppetsEdit


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