Radiation RacersEdit

Radiation Racers is a fan-game created by 2 bored players that were staring at some rolling Radiation Grenades they had made while throwing them randomly in circles and "Accidentaly" killing eachother.

How to playEdit

The rules may seem fairly complecated, and there must be atleast 3 players willing to cooperate. Atleast 2 racers and atleast 1 judge. Racers prepare by throwing 20 or so Radiation Grenades, or until others can see a glowing "Red-Thing" (Radiation Grenade) in their left hand. All the Judge needs is a SMAW with double explosives.

After preparing, racers start off standing next to eachother on a hill, the judge shoots all racers with their SMAW and keeps track of who's grenade was who's, then tells everyone who won.

There are three game modes for this fan-game; Distance, Accuracy, and Speed. In Speed Mode the judge's job is to keep track of who's grenade made it to the bottom of the hill first. In Distance the judges job is to keep track of who's grenade went the furthest in 10 seconds. In Accuracy Mode a square of TPC Mines are placed as the goal, the judges job is to keep track of who's grenade ended closest-to/in the goal. Also in Accuracy Mode, the racers may stand anywhere they'd like, and are not required to stand next to eachother.

What maps to play in and what mode to play are up to the host, whereas the goal in Accuracy Mode is up to the judge and must be downhill. Ammo Dumps must be turned on for this game mode, and all participates must use Radiation Grenades except the judge, who needs either a SMAW or TPC Launcher.


  • This is the first publicized racing-based fan game on Conduit 2
  • This game was in-part inspired by a previous time-passer called "The Warp Glitch" which was created by a patch that was distributed to stop players from getting off map, but failed its orriginal intentions.
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