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The Republican Party is one of the two major parties in the U.S.A., as well as the Democratic Party.


The Republican Party often supports tough border security, lower taxes, strong military, free market and moral living.


The Republican Party came into exiestance when anti-slavery Whigs left the Whig Party becuase many Whigs continued to support slavery. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president, and he freed the slaves and defeated the Confederates, thus fixing the Union. He was shot three days later by John Wilkes Booth, and appeared to have died. However it turns out Lincoln not only survived, but also became one of Promeathus' many Destroyers. The party continued on electing numerous presidents such as Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Republican Presidents[]

  • Note list only includes those mentioned or otherwise appearing in Conduit series.*
  • Abraham Lincoln: Active, Destroyer.
  • Gerald Ford: Deceased, Freemason.
  • Ronald Reagan: Deceased.
  • George W. Bush: Active.