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The Rosetta Stone Upper Half is one of the many artifacts found in Conduit 2's story mode, it can be found in China.


When Michael Ford sets to retrieve the four elemental "keys", starting from the main hub, he will go through a connecting room that has two doors leading directly to the element room. Within this room, if he takes the stairs to the upper door and turns around, he will notice the object sitting on a round window.

Data Log Description[]

The shape of this ancient granite slab fits the famous lower half of the Rosetta Stone, alegedly discovered in 1799 by Napoleon's soldiers. This section, believed lost to the ages, contains parts of the same text written in Egyptian and Drudge languages. Curiously, the stress fractures suggested the stone was broken on purpose.


  • This object is not included in the list of artifacts that the Trust made for this area, the list only contains the Dropa Stones and the Zheng He Map.