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Royal Scarabs though error also called Scarabs, are elite versions of Scarabs seen in The Conduit and Conduit 2. In The Conduit, they are first seen in statis chambers, as their breed has yet to have seen frontline service. By Conduit 2, the normal Scarabs have had their rolls taken over by these breed of Scarabs who now serve in the frontlines.


Royal Scarabs look similar to regular Scarabs, except their heads aren't pointy as other strains of Scarabs. Also the have strange appendages on their shoulders and head. In The Conduit, they skin was dark red, but by Conduit 2 it's now much brighter form of red.

Weapons of Choice for Royal Scarabs[]


The Conduit[]

Royal Scarabs fighting in the same style as normal Scarabs, however their exoskeloten offers them better protection then normal Scarabs. They use Hive Cannons at foes from a distance, but slash enemys near them. Luckily only eight appear in the game, during Closure and they're in stasis fields until the ASE takes the energy field of the stasis shield. You have to unfreeze atleast 4 Scarabs in two mintues to power up a Conduit to escape the Trust base before it explodes. A good strategy is to kill four one at a time, then unfreeze the other four as fast you can and run into a Conduit before the base explodes. It is good to aim at their head, as it speeds up the killing process. Using a Carbonizer Mk16  against them is highly advised as it deals high damage and can have a chain effect, killing multiple.

Conduit 2[]

Royal Scarabs have taken the place of normal Scarabs, and are the only breed of Scarabs to make it into Conduit 2. They act like normal Scarabs and even have the same life a normal Scarabs. They use Hive Cannons (Or Shriekers during Invasion) at foes from a distance, and slash enemys near them.  The game refers to them just a Scarabs, even though normal Scarabs are bluish purple and had pointy heads and no appendages on their head or shoulders. Shoot for the head, if possible with a Hive Cannon, SMAW, Phase Rifle, or Carbonizer Mk16, to kill one quickly.