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Assault Rifle

Ammunition Type

5.56mm NATO

Magazine Capacity


Maximum Ammo Carried


Rate of Fire

3-Round Burst

Damage Per Round



Target Scope 4.5

Maximum Effective Range


Headshot Damage Multiplier



The SCAR is the assault rifle in The Conduit. Its name stands for Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle.[1] It is a standard issue weapon of the U.S. Army Special Forces. It fires three-round bursts, and is equipped with a scope, for more accuracy. [2] Even though it inflicts low damage per round, it is very accurate, and its maximum effective range is longer than most human weapons. In multiplayer mode, it takes one shot to kill someone if aiming at their head. In The Conduit's single-player mode, Puppet Humans carry a SCAR.

In Conduit 2, the SCAR is fully automatic and single-shot when scoped in. It also appears to now have a 20-round magazine instead of the 36-round magazine used in The Conduit.


The SCAR is black in appearance, with a long silver barrel. The weapon features a vertical fore-grip infront of the mag-well, and an angled pistol grip behind. It uses a 4.5x zoom scope, which is really a 40mm Aimpoint red dot scope. The magazines appear to be standard STANAG with the addition of a Rangerplate. This means the weapon is based on the FN SCAR-L.


When reloading the SCAR, the character will take out the empty magazine and replace it with a fresh one before pulling the charging lever. Sometimes the gun will be titled slightly to the left when doing this.


When using melee attacks with the SCAR, the character will hit opponents with the butt of the gun.


  • The SCAR is excellent for sniping, as it fires bullets extremely quickly and has a scope. It also has a powerful long range damage ratio.
  • The SCAR is not an ideal close range weapon. This is because it fires 3 round bursts and has a low damage ratio at this range.
  • When sniping with the SCAR, aim for the head for instant kills.
  • You should aim for still targets, perhaps other snipers. Moving targets can be hard to kill.
  • The SPAS 12 and MP5KA4 are good close range alternatives to the SCAR.
  • The Pentagon is the best map for sniping. If you are not sniping on this stage, be aware that snipers may be aiming at you, so don't leave yourself open.
  • In Conduit 2, the SCAR is much better for close range combat, as it is fully automatic. The scope has also been changed, allowing players to accurately shoot foes from a distance without zooming in.

Conduit 2 Loadout Screen Description[]

(Note: Most weapons have their descriptions on both The Store and the Loadouts screens, but the SCAR is not available for purchase in the store since its unlocked at the start)

Fully automatic assault rifle. Zoom in using the scope to be deadly at any range! Category: Ballistics.

Conduit 2 Online Weapon Statistics[]

Note: Weapon statistics apply differently offline.[]

"This fully-automatic assault rifle can fire 625 rounds a minute and comes outfitted with a high-powered scope."

  • Clip Size - 20 Rounds
  • Damage - 16.6 (exactly 100/6)
  • Secondary Mode - Scoped Mode
  • Headshot Multiplier - 1.4

Beneficial Suit Upgrades[]

  • Ballistic Focus (Primary)
  • Improved Ballistic Damage (Secondary C)


  • The SCAR is an actual assault rifle in real life, created for the United States Military.
  • At one point prior to The Conduit's release, the SCAR's scope lens used to be blue, but was later changed to green.
  • The scope actually has realistic mirror effects so that the scopes although its normal color is green will show the color of something large behind him, such as a red car. The lighting of a level can effect this too.
  • If you look at the SCAR in third person on the ground or on someone's hands, the scope is blue.
  • In real-life its full name is SCAR-L for Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle-Light because it fires the 5.56x45mm NATO round.
  • The SCAR is fully automatic in Conduit 2, as opposed to triple-burst in The Conduit.
  • The SCAR features a red laser trail when used by some enemies in Conduit 2's Campaign mode and Invasion, making easier for the player to find these snipers.