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The upper level of Sanctum.

Sanctum is a medium sized multiplayer map in The Conduit and Conduit 2. It is said to be best played with 6-10 players. This map is probably located in The Inner Sanctum of The Trust Base, due to its similar design to the latter from the campaign.


It is symmetrical and contains three floors. Bases in a Team Reaper or Team Objective match are on each side of the map. The colors of the floor textures corresponds with the team's side of the base. In Team Objective, the ASEs for each team are located on each side of the map between the middle and top levels. In Single ASE, the ASE is placed in the center of the map on the middle level.

Conduit 2 Version[]

Sanctum Prime is an improved version of the multiplayer level from The Conduit that is featured in Conduit 2. It features graphical improvements and modifications to fix glitches and to be used with the new game modes like Annexation and Power Surge that features additional objects in the map. Because of the addition of Control Points, the battles often take place on the lowest level where the speed and health points are located since they are so close to each other and is safer to capture those than the damage point.

This one, Pentagon and Streets from The Conduit were chosen from a poll in the SEGA forums and The Conduit Facebook page to be featured in Conduit 2. Sanctum won the poll on the SEGA forums.[1]


  • When playing this mode in Team Objective it is most times the number one map to get ASEs due to the maps design.
  • This one and Crash Site are the only maps in Conduit 2 where neither of the control points are located close to the corresponding team bases, rather they are all aligned to be exactly in the middle of the map in between sides, and in Sanctum's case, quite close to each other. The same is true for the goal rings of ASE Basketball, which are located in the main open field, but across the symmetry line of the map rather than on each side. Other CTF games have the ASE on the team bases.
  • There are Drudge Letters written on a banner above were the HVS45 spawns in Conduit 2, decoded it spells "Trust" over and over wrapped around the room.
  • In Conduit 2 there is Latin writing in various areas around the map, mostly on the stairs near the Damage Control Point, in Latin it spells "Nihil Obstat" roughly translated it means "Nothing Hinders."