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The Shield Turret is a security device, installed by The Trust to prevent unauthorized subjects to enter Li's sanctum.

They detect near motion and are highly accurate and powerful, capable of killing a player in few seconds. However their viewing range is limitated, and using cloaking technology can easily trick them. Protected by a powerful shield, these turrets are nearly impervious to attacks from the front, but a flaw in their design makes them vulnerable on the rear side.

The safer (and official) way to get past them, is by using the AR-C Eclipse secondary function to become invisible. With most of turrets, the invisibility time will be just enough to get below them before the gun freezes. Alternatively, the AEGIS Device is also good enough to pass through the turrets without getting killed. Experienced players may simply run past them equipped only with some lightweight gun or the ASE.

Only four Shield Turrets exist in the game, and all can be found in a single corridor guarding the first door in the mission.


  • Destroying all four turrets earn the player the "He Came From Behind" achievement.
  • Despite their shielding, the turrets can be destroyed with a variety of weapons from the front side:
    • The Phase Rifle can penetrate the turret's shield, destroying it with one tuned shot.
    • The Carbonizer Mk16 can damage the turret if aimed directly at it.
    • The secondary fire of the Dark Star can be used to destroy the turrets if it lands behind them.
    • Explosive weapons with large ammo capacity like the Hive Cannon or the Warp Pistol have high chances of damaging the turrets if the shots land somewhere behind them.
    • The Dark Star and Hive Cannon's tags on the shield will slowly kill the turrets.
    • Radiation grenades stuck to the shield will deal small damage to the turret.
    • A fully charged shot from the Deatomizer can damage and even destroy the turrets in one shot if one of the orbs can go around the shield and hit the turret from behind.