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Siberia in an early version of Conduit 2

Siberia is a location in Conduit 2, it´s one of the places Atlantis conduit is connected to. As expected, the main feature of the area is its cold environment, filled with snow and pine trees. The area seems located in a group of mountains, having a Trust base with several landing pads set on a ravine. The multiplayer maps Whiteout andAvalanche are based on this area.

In the Story mode, it is revealed that the progenitor Katarina has been controlling the country under disguise like other progenitors. Adams is trying to capture her so he can absorb her powers, and Michael Ford will try to save her. The mission takes place on Katarina's fortress, now run by the Trust. Many enemies found in the level are of cybernetic origins, created by Katarina, but they seem to have been reprogramed to serve Adams and his soldiers.

The level is comprised of three missions, they can be chosen separately from the Conduit Dialer in Atlantis to replay them.

Siberia Crash[]


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Ford arrives to Siberia in his mission of warning Katarina, but sees a group of Free Drudge having trouble in their suicide mission. Their ship crashes and they need help, Michael will go trough this frozen place looking for it.

The two above mentioned maps for multiplayer are based on this part of the level.



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Now inside a Trust controlled fortress, Michael is set to find Katarina and save her from Adams, but the area is populated with cybernetic creatures plus standard trust soldiers.

Siberia Escape[]


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Ford and the Free Drudge manage to refuel their ship and escape the complex, but they are being pursued by another ship and must fight it. Once the enemy ship is destroyed, the level ends and Mr. Ford heads towards the Lost City of Z.


Most, if not all the structures found in this level are either old soviet buildings reused by the Trust or inspired by soviet constructivist design.