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Siberian Wolf

The Siberian Wolf (also known as Robot Wolf) is a mechanical enemy previewed in the E3 trailer for Conduit 2, the sequel to The Conduit. These mechanical beasts were created by Katarina but now serve to The Trust. They appear in Siberia where they act as guards at a Trust Base, along with Trust cyborgs. Some robot wolves spawn if Michael Ford is seen by a surveillance camera.


  • These enemies can be a formidable force when attacking in groups (much like real wolves), their speed and erratic jumping makes them hard to hit at a distance, but grenades can take them out quickly.
  • The robots must finish their jumping animations before they are officialy destroyed, so even after depleting their health bar the player must keep distance from them.
  • Flash Grenades have no effect on them, so don't waste them.


  • The siberian wolf is one of the few enemies in Conduit 2 capable of resisting the paralizing effect of the Carbonizer Mk16's particle beam, but its "random discharge" can destroy one of them instantly.
  • In old footage of the game, a siberian wolf was shown biting one of Ford's arms.