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Concept art for the spider robot

The "Spider Robot" is an unused enemy that was believed to appear in Conduit 2. The robot was conceptualized, modeled, and even animated for trailers at the E3 expo, however it was not featured in the final version of the game. The robot appeared to be a minor boss enemy for the Siberia level based on its cinematic introduction and combat sequence. It does not have an official name besides its file name at Stanley Von Medvey's blog (the artist of the concept artwork), called "spider".[1]

It can be noted, that the mech looks like a cybernetic version of an Invader, as it has a similar shape.

The trailers in which it was featured, were based on an build in early stages of development, so it is unknown if it was scrapped before the E3 expo or after.


Ford shooting at the spider robot.


Another view of the spider robot.


The spider robot in a level.