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Splitscreen is a new way to play multiplayer matches in Conduit 2, absent from The Conduit, it was one of the most requested features by the fanbase for this game. Up to four players can play in competitive or co-operative games.


In split-screen, all players play on the same console and see their HUDs and game action in a part of the screen designated for them. Contrary to common belief, players don't have to directly aim at their own portion of screen to move their cursors and control the camera, the dead zones for all players are located at the center of the whole screen and the aiming is done normaly, but the cursors for each player are displayed in their corresponding cuadrant.

Because of the technical limitations of the Wii, character and weapon models have a more basic design and the lighting is more simple. With more than one player, animations are also more simple than in solo play (some weapons withdraw offscreen to get their ammo reloaded). Overall, the graphic quality is lower to keep the framerate as close to 30 fps as possible.

Once entering in the splitscreen menu, players will have to set up their loadouts and controller options. Then, the game will present two options.

Play Scope[]

  • Competitive
  • Invasion


Main article: Multiplayer

Competitive is where up to four players can battle eachother in a variety of game modes and maps. Every option found in online custom matches is available in splitscreen competitive games. Since the game does not support bot oponents (not to be confused with AI enemies), it can only be played if there are 2, 3, or 4 players.


Main article: Invasion Mode

Invasion is a co-operative game mode where up to four players can play together to defeat several waves of AI enemies on 3 different maps. The objective of the game is to survive the increasingly harder enemies as much as possible with only 3 lives and getting more and more points and credits from each killed enemy. This mode can be played alone, as well with up to three more players.


It should be noted that players 2, 3, and 4 do not have nearly as much customization options as player one. Only three different settings are available for aiming sensitivity (low, middle, high), only three controller layouts (default, hardcore, and player 1's custom layout), and they can only choose from player 1's 4 existing loadouts. Also, every extra player gets a random name for their profile that lasts for the whole play sesion until they leave the splitscreen menu.