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Storm Scarab revealed by the ASE.

Storm Scarabs are a type of Drudge infantry. Unlike the standard Scarabs, most use cloaking devices, which make them partially invisible, and intangible. They cannot be killed in cloaked state, as the shots will go through their outlined body figure. With the help of the ASE, the player is able to reveal them, stunning them momentarily in the process. They also, unlike regular Scarabs, carry no weapons and instead run up to the player and use brute force by melee and close combat attacks. Storm Scarabs can be killed without the ASE, but it is hard to do so. They appear gray, and are able to run unlike standard Scarabs. Storm Scarabs first appear in the fifth mission of the campaign: Gridlock.


  • In Gridlock, near the end of the level a red Storm Scarab is visible to the player. This is the only Storm Scarab in game that does not use any sort of cloaking and appears to be colored red due to a testosterone-like chemical within its body.
  • The testosterone-like chemical is also responsible for their close combat attacks on the player.