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Ammunition Type

Weapon Grade Bio-Mass

Magazine Capacity


Maximum Ammo Carried


Rate of Fire


Damage Per Round



Target Scope 5.0

Maximum Effective Range


Headshot Damage Multiplier



The Striker is a fully-automatic Prototype weapon. Even though every shot doesn't inflict much damage, its rapid fire rate, the scope used by the Strike Rifle, and large amount of ammo per clip, make it a powerful weapon.

Appearance Edit

This weapon bears much resemblance to the Strike Rifle, albeit with a few differences. One difference is that it cannot fire a charged shot, but fires in full automatic. The most noticeable thing in terms of appearance is that its color is black, whereas the Strike Rifle is a golden brown. Another difference is that the bio-mass orb is a dark shade of red in contrast to the orange bio-mass the Strike Rifle has. This may indicate that the mass, being a darker color, is denser than the orange one (this theory is also supported by the fact that the Strike Rifle's Bio-Mass has 30 shots, while that of the Striker has 117). [1]


The gun reloads the same way as the Strike Rifle. The character unfolds the gun, takes out the empty bio mass and replaces it with a fresh one before folding the gun back to it's default position.


Melee is also the same as the Strike Rifle. The character jerks the gun forward, hitting the foe with the bottom.


  • In the real world, there is a weapon called the Striker, also known as the DAO-12, but it's a shotgun.
  • This gun is not available in The Conduit's multiplayer mode.
  • This weapon, along with the Deatomizer Mk9 are the only weapons from The Conduit not to return in Conduit 2.
  • A small amount of the striker's data is still present on Conduit 2's disc, but in the loadout menu it says Loadout-WeaponName-24, not striker.  If obtained most controls will lock up, allowing nothing but (very slow) movement.


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