The Conduit Wiki

Team Conduit 2 is a fan game created by six bored Team Fortress 2 playes in a private lobby. The game usually has six players three per team. Each player can select one of eight classes. Scout, Engineer, Heavy, Spy, Sniper, Medic, Demoman, Soldier and *Pyro.

  • As of Febuary 16th the Pyro is no longer avalible as a class due to being too similar to the Heavy class

Class Specs.[]

Scout: SCAR, USP45, Ballistic focus, Metal Legs, Supercharger, Improved Ballistics Damage.

Engineer: Widowmaker Turret, USP45 or AEGIS Device/ SPAS-12 with Armory, any grenade, Widowmaker Specialization/ Armory, Helmet, Supercharger, Light Armor.

Heavy: Carbonizer MK 16, MP5ka4/ SPAS-12 with Armory, any grenade, Heavy Armor/Armory, Stabilizer, Mending, Light Armor.

Spy: ARC-Eclipse, HVS45, Flash Grenades, Stealth, Ammo Belt, Blinding Powder, Improved Melee.

Sniper: Phase Rifle, Deatomizer MK 4, any grenade, Phase Rifle Specialization, Phase Rifle Penetration, any Secondary Upgrade B, Phase Rifle Tuning.

Medic: Hive Cannon/ AEGIS Device, MP5ka4, Radiation Grenade, Reverse Damage, Metal legs, Field Medicine, Improved Melee.

Demoman: TPC Launcher, Deatomizer MK 4, any grenade, Explosive focus, Bomb bag, Quickness, Improved Explosives.

Pyro: Discontinued from game as of Feb.16th

Soldier: SMAW, SPAS-12, any grenade, Armory, Helmet, Mending, Improved Ballistics Damage.


Health regeneration is zero as in the origninal game. Weapon caches are allowed. No Radar or Lock on. Time can be set to any given number. The game mode MUST be a team mode or it is no longer a TEAM Conduit 2 session. The Game mode MUST have control points and each team must have at least three players