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Team Objective is a multiplayer game category in The Conduit. It includes game modes with objective goals instead of kill counts or lives and uses teams. It is similar to Capture The Flag, a gametype feature in many games, but not in The Conduit. Instead of a flag, Team Objective's gametypes use the ASE.



Marathon's objective is to get as many kills and captures as possible. There is no spawn limit, no kill limit, and there is a 20 minute time limit. If the teams are tied after 20 minutes, the game will go into overtime. If the two teams are still tied after overtime ends, the game will end in a tie.

Quick Match[]

In a Quick Match, each team has 12 minutes to capture the opposing team's ASE 5 times. If teams are tied after time is up, an overtime period will begin. The game ends after overtime finishes.

Killing Override[]

In Killing Override each team competes to earn 5 ASE captures first. The match can also be won when one team kills the enemy 75 times. The match is 12 minutes long. If both teams have the same number of captures and kills when 12 minutes have passed, the match will go into overtime. If the teams are still tied after overtime ends, the game will end in a tie.

Single ASE[]

Normally, each team will have their own ASE in a Team Objective match. This is not the case in Single ASE. As the name suggests, one ASE is located somewhere near the center of the map that the teams fight over. The team with the most captures after time is up is declared the winner of that match.