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Team Reaper is a game category for The Conduit's multiplayer. As its name suggests, it is played in teams. At the beginning of a match, all players are divided into two teams: red and blue. The system puts players in teams based on people around your rank. It attempts to balance the teams and make them average to comparable ranks. Also, kill limits are increased to 50 for most game types.

Game Types[]

Quick Match[]

Quick Match is just a shortened version of Team Reaper. This mode allows for a quick match between two teams. The kill limit is 50, and the time limit is 12 minutes.


In a Marathon match, each team has 20 minutes to get as many kills as possible. There are no kill limits.

Shared Stock[]

Shared Stock limits each team's total number of respawns. Both teams each get 50 respawns. When a player dies, their team loses a respawn. After 15 minutes, the team with the most respawns left wins. Otherwise, the game will end in a tie.