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Warning: The Conduit Wiki contains spoilers. Many pages, such as character articles, reveal important plot elements in the Conduit games.

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RedArx RedArx 17 July 2012

Hey, you!

Yeah, you!

If you are reading this wiki, then you probably play conduit 2 or The Conduit.

If so, then head on over to:

We are an active forum, and we love new people! So head on over right now!!

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Supermechguy Supermechguy 4 July 2012

Wii U/3DS conduit FAN Help

Well since the 3Ds conduit has not been heard of in awhile and the conduit 3 seems in murky waters(lets not forget the grinder)I propose we all email HVS and ask them for at least little updates to quench our conduit thirst. IDK how many still read this wiki but, for the ones who are left just try …

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RedArx RedArx 6 June 2012


Hey, I'm a new use on the forums, and I've had conduit 2 since April 5th 2012. I have never played The Conduit. I have been following the first conduit since before it came out, but my parents were reluctant to let me get the game. I managed to snag the last copy of the conduit 2 at my local store.…

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Ddd87 Ddd87 5 June 2011

Data Logs and Conspiracy Objects of Conduit 2

UPDATE: Well, it seems at last Ive added all of the conspiracy artifacts of C2, finally got that covered. In other news, Im not sure if Im going to upload here the entire "logbook", maybe some of the important ones.Ddd87 03:29, September 5, 2011 (UTC)


Hi everyone, its been a while since the ga…

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Ekgladiator Ekgladiator 3 May 2011


Hey all with the release of the conduit 2 I was thinking the old conduit favicon is old and outdated, so I was thinking of changing it to something different. Possible ideas are an ASE, the new loading screen logo, the new helmet for michael ford etc. What are your thoughts and feeling on this?


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Mr. Youtube Mr. Youtube 3 May 2011

Whats Next?

From what I can see, we are not seeing Conduit 3 for a while. At least not until before Project Cafe launches and we will see Conduit 3 as one of the Wii's last games and one of Project Cafe's first games. Why is this? Simple, HVS is working on two games that we know of right now: Animales de la Mu…

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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 27 April 2011

Conduit 2 released

Conduit 2 was released on April 19, 2011. Enjoy the game and help us create the best guide to it!

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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 27 April 2011

New administrator and new skin

Hi, I'm Ausir from the Wikia Content Team. I've recently created a new skin for the wiki - hope you'll like it. Also, please welcome the wiki's newest administrator, DIM87. Congratulations!

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