Welcome to The Conduit Wiki! We are a young wiki in terms of our development, however there is a lot of work to do around here. Check out the requested articles for pages that need creation or expansion. You can also suggest an article on this talk page. If you are new to wiki editing, see the Help pages for assistance.

Page Design GuidelinesEdit

Try to make new given page at least three lines of text. However, sometimes there really not enough info on it, if so make it a stub.

Character pagesEdit

Character pages will need some sort of parameters for defining the contents.

  • Every wiki page, of course, requires a brief summary at the beginning of every article, beginning with the name of the article in bold.
  • character boxes are up,which can fill in a picture, faction, and other basic info
  • include a summery of the characters history
  • If a enemy including information on defeating them
  • Set a Category of either a

Weapon pagesEdit

  • Ok like the Character pages with weapons, Try using the Items Category located above the simple editor.
  • Try to fill in as much as possible, always fill in the description and fill in what you know.
  • Reference as much as possible
  • Do not despair if you do not know something, Google is a great source of information.
  • And remember any help you give is greatly appreciated, even if is a correction on a spelling error or a new page, your help is still appreciated!

Image CategoriesEdit

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