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The Drudge Invasion
Vital statistics
Participants Michael Ford, The Drudge
Date Q1 2012
Location Worldwide

"In case you haven't noticed, the invasion of Washington has begun!"

- Prometheus to Michael Ford

The Drudge Invasion was full scale planetary invasion carried out by the Drudge against planet Earth and it's many countries. The invasion began during the early quarter of 2012, when Earth's weather systems began to act unusual and a flu like illness known as The Bug was spreading across Washington D.C. The Drudge aim to purge humanity from existence and rule the world for themselves. The invasion began in Washington D.C, but soon expanded worldwide.



Trust Logo

"I didn't spend the last 240 years arranging this to fail now."

- John Adams to an alien ally

Approximately 240 years before the invasion, a member of the Annunaki race named Enlil was banished from his home planet and sent to Earth. He took on a human form and named himself John Adams, becoming the Second President of the United States on March 4, 1797. Throughout his life on the planet, he formed a society known as The Trust, which became a shadow government in charge of defending Earth against alien invasions. The organization had access to advanced technology and remained hidden from the public.

Prometheus was an extraterrestrial scientist working for The Trust. Using the All Seeing Eye, a high tech invention made by the organization, he discovered the true intentions of John Adams and foresaw his plan to take over the world. He showed this to several other Trust scientists who helped get the ASE away from Adams to stop his plans. Prometheus failed to stop Adams, who captured him and locked him up in a Trust base, marking him as a terrorist and threat to America. He then went on to create the Drudge, a genetically engineered series of mutants formed out of Prometheus' DNA, in order to stage an alien invasion and gain the highest power in the US government. The plan to take over the world then began.


"Hello, Mr. Ford. It's time to go to work."

- John Adams to Michael Ford

On October 1, 2012, Adams contacted Secret Service Agent Michael Ford and recruited him into The Trust after Ford had impressed him by saving President Charles Thompson from an assassination attempt. Ford was the only Secret Service agent who remained loyal to the President. Ford was tasked with recovering the ASE, but was fooled into thinking Adams was helping to defend America from Prometheus, whom he marked as a terrorist. Ford was then, as a result, killing Prometheus' soldiers, who were trying to protect the ASE. Ford recovered the ASE, but Adams leaves his Drones to kill him and take back the ASE. Adams plan his thwarted when Ford fights and kills the attackers, and is rescued by a helicopter sent by Prometheus. Ford, angered and confused, is briefed by Prometheus regarding the situation, and works with him to take down Adams and The Trust.