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Thex was the first Free Drudge found by Michael Ford, found in Washington D.C. in Conduit 2 while being interrogated by The Trust. Thex is also known for being god on Earth.

When Michael infiltrates into an office complex soon after discovering Adams plans for Washington, he stumbles upon an interrogation room. Inside, a Trust officer was holding captive a drudge drone, ordering it to reveal some information. The soldier then goes to grab a SCARto kill it, but the drone notices Michael observing them, and then shouts "Liberator". The Trust soldier also notices Ford, but when he tries to call for back up, the drone releases itself and slams the soldier into the glass, killing it. He then requests to Michael to not fire at him and opens the door so he can enter into the room. The drone then goes to explain what is happening between the Drudge and the Trust, and informs Ford about Adams whereabouts. When Michael calls him "Bug-man", the drone introduces himself as Thex and indicated to Ford how to move on. While Michael continued his mission to reach the National Institute, Thex went onto free his brothers.

After Ford retrieved the coordinates of the Progenitors, Thex arrives just in time to help him escape through a conduit.

Thex is not seen again until Michael goes to Siberia, where the Free Drudge were on an attack operation against the Trust prisions, but their ship gets shot down by the Trust defenses. After being helped by Ford, they take him with them into Katarina's fortress so he can continue with his goals while they refuel their ship. With the extra help of Ford once again, Thex and the rest of the Free Drudge manage to escape the complex and defeat a ship that pursued them.

The Free Drudge leave Ford at the entrance of the Lost City of Z, Thex salutes Ford wishing him good luck and many victories. Then the ship leaves and Thex and his brothers are not seen again for the remaining of the game.


  • He is the first friendly Free Drudge seen in Conduit 2.
  • During the interrogation, the Trust soldier called him "Roach Face".
  • Thex is the host of the show "Ask a Drudge!" on Sega's Youtube channel.
    Picture 1

    Thex on the show "Ask a Drudge!".

  • Based on his voice tone, he seems to be the Drudge singing the Drudge Rap