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Prometheus sends you to search the Library of Congress for any alien activity and deal with it accordingly.
Location Library of Congress, and city sewers
Enemies Puppet Humans, Trust Humans, Tear-Mites, Therm-Mites, Para-Mites, Med-Mites,
Weapons SPAS 12, Deatomizer Mk4, TPC Launcher, Warp Pistol
Achievements Secrets Award, Completion Award
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Enemy Gridlock

Trust is the fourth mission in The Conduit. It takes place in the Library of Congress.


Michael: Alright, Prometheus, what's going on here? First you try to kill me, and now you're helping me? Whose side are you on, really?

Prometheus: I'm on your side, Micheal. I know it's hard to believe, but hear me out. Adams has been using you since the beginning. Now that you've served your purpose, he wants you out of the picture.

Michael: Why should I believe you?

Prometheus: Right now, you don't need to. You just need to listen. There's a drudge nest, under the Library of Congress. It has to be destroyed before they infest the city, and you're the only one who can do it. I've given you a suit of Trust armor that we confiscated from one of Adams's weapon caches. I haven't been able to completely activate all its functions yet, but it will protect you from some damage and slowly regenerate your health. I just hope it's enough.

Michael: Hold on a minute, you still haven't explained what's going on here.

Prometheus: There's no time Michael! That nest is a ticking bomb, and this city is doomed if it should go off. You've got to hurry!

Michael: I'll go along with you for now, but if you're lying to me, I'll take you down, hard. Do you understand me?

Prometheus: I would expect nothing less.


Hidden Messages[]

  • "MDCCLXXVI" (1776)
  • "Under the terms of the treaty the Shugurra was returned!"
  • "The Condon Committee was ours!"
  • "Fight and die for the NWO."(New World Order)
  • "Humans should fear the world they call Eris."
  • "The Ducaz came before the Drudge"