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Michael Ford wearing the Trust Armor

The Trust Armor is the suit of armor that Michael Ford wears during the later events of The Conduit and the beginning of Conduit 2, up to the point where it is replaced with the Destroyer Armor in Atlantis.


Little is known about the armor's history before the events of The Conduit. The Trust Armor was created by the Trust sometime before the start of The Conduit by reverse engineering the Destroyer Armor. Afterwards, it was stored in one of John Adams's weapons caches until it was stolen by Prometheus, after which he gave the armor to Michael Ford to help him stop the invasion of Washington D.C. Michael continued to use the Trust Armor until he arrived on Atlantis during Conduit 2, where he found a room which gave him the Destroyer Armor.


The Trust Armor was capable of allowing Michael to run faster, jump farther, and heal injuries that he took during battle over a period of time. Prometheus later managed to unlock some more of the suit features, allowing Michael to heal faster. The armor, however, was incapable of utilizing Upgrades, unlike the Destroyer Armor from which it was reverse engineered from.


  • The multi-player Agent model in The Conduit wears a fully covering version of the Trust Armor, while the one Michael Ford wears does not have a form of helmet on his.
  • Trust Agents inside the Trust Base near the end of The Conduit wear a form of Trust Armor, though it is fully covering like the Agent model. Some of these agents are capable of regenerating health like Michael Ford and their armor has a self-destruct mechanism built in that triggers after their death.