A Trust Feild Agent skin in The Conduit Multiplayer.

Standard trust agents who are deployed into the field, outside The Trust Base. They wear black sunglasses, a black suit and tie, and a respirator facemask. Trust field agents serve as the primary opponents in the game's first few levels, alongside Puppet Human soldiers. They are typically equipped with conventional weapons, primarily the MP5KA4 submachine gun and SCAR assault rifle. Later on, they are equipped with Trust weapons. A code is needed to unlock this character in the multiplayer mode, in which the model is called Suit. The code can be found in the Limited Edition of The Conduit.

While most serve The Trust , a few serve Prometheus in stealing the ASE from John Adams. These can be found at the Reagan National Airport.

The Conduit - Instruction Booklet DescriptionEdit

While most Trust operatives are dedicated and loyal, it is unfortunate to report that some have gone ove to The Drudge. These men are not Puppets however, Human beings who have betrayed their own kind for power and other gains.


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