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Trust agent

Trust agent, holding a TPC Launcher.

Trust Humans is a term that refers to all Trust personnel who voluntarily work for the organization, in contrast to the virus-controlled Puppet Humans. There are four types of Trust Humans seen in The Conduit: Scientists, Trust field agents, Trust Guards, and Trust agents. They use any of The Trust weapons, except for the Carbonizer Mk16.

  • Scientists: Trust science personnel belonging to The Trust Research and Development Branch. They wear orange Mk11 Haz-Mat suits and are typically equipped with the Deatomizer Mk4 energy pistol, although a few are equipped with the TPC Launcher. Scientists are the least seen Trust Humans in the game, encountered primarily in the subway car at the end of the game's second mission, and also inside the Trust Base in the last couple of missions. This character can be used as a playable model in the multiplayer mode.
  • Trust field agents: Standard trust agents who are deployed into the field, outside The Trust Base. They wear black sunglasses, a black suit and tie, and a respirator facemask. Trust field agents serve as the primary opponents in the game's first few levels, alongside Puppet Human soldiers. They are typically equipped with the MP5KA4 and SCAR. A code is needed to unlock this character in the multiplayer mode, in which the model is called Suit. The code can be found in the Limited Edition of The Conduit.
  • Trust Guards: Trust security personnel. They wear Mk13 "Avenger" body armor, and are equipped with a TPC Launcher. Despite being security "guards", they are never seen inside the Trust Base.
  • Trust agents: The most elite soldiers of the Trust, these operatives are only encountered inside of the Trust Base, in the game's last two missions. These agents wear special high-tech Trust armor, similar to the advanced bodysuit worn by Michael Ford, that grants them increased damage resistance significantly above that of all other human enemies (they can take about twice as much damage as a Drudge Drone, and almost four times as much damage as a standard human enemy). Some Trust Agents can even regenerate their health, at a fairly fast rate (these Trust Agents are usually seen carrying TPC Launchers). The suit also includes a self-destruct mechanism that causes their bodies to explode upon death. They are typically equipped with the Deatomizer Mk4 or TPC Launcher.