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Trust Scientists are human researchers working for The Trust, and are responsible not only for the creation of the All Seeing Eye, but also of The Drudge, various body armors, and the Trust and prototype weapons. They wear orange Mk11 Haz-Mat suits.

Prometheus tells Michael Ford that Scientists working for The Trust created the ASE and for the most part did not want it to fall into enemy hands. Through the ASE, Prometheus convinced them, and others, of John Adams' true intentions. Prometheus gathered a group of people previously working for The Trust, had them steal the ASE, and take it to Reagan National Airport in a bid to get it away from Adams. Ford, freshly recruited by The Trust however, kills Prometheus' men and takes the ASE.


The Scientist is a multiplayer skin in The Conduit. Due to the fact that the visor takes up most of the players head area, headshots are quite easy to make. For this reason it is one of the less chosen online skins.

Primary color: Affects the color of the Haz-Mat suit
Secondary color: Affects the color of the visor