Trust the Sumo is a Conduit 2 fan game created by a bored player who was watching wrestling. It was founded April 4th 2012. In this game mode players will be pitted against others in a brutal boxing match consisting of 2-5 players. This game mode requires between 4 and 8 players, consisting of 2-3 referees and 2-5 wrestlers. The name comes partly from the style of gameplay, which is much like the rules of sumo wrestling, and partly from the Conduit 2 achievement "Trust This."


  1. Decide who will be the referees and who will be the wrestlers.
  2. Decide what map to play on.
  3. Allow players to set up their loadouts, being sure to follow rules.
  4. Set the Game Mode to Single Flag CTF.
  5. Time Limit, Point Limit, Run Speed, Gravity, Radar, and Lock-on can all be set to whatever the host decides on. Health and health regeneration must be at 100. Ammo Dumps must be on for the Referees. Host decides on whether or not Referees can throw Flash Grenades into the fight.

How to play

  1. Designate an "Arena" to fight in.
  2. Referees place TPC Mines along the borders on the Arena.
  3. Wrestlers attempt to stay inside the borders or the arena, but at the same time must Melee/Backstab the enemy player(s).
  4. The last wrestler alive inside the arena wins and is allowed to capture the ASE once to mark points.
  5. After each round wrestlers and Referees are allowed to switch roles.
  6. Repeat all steps until either the Point Limit or Time Limit is reached.


Referees must use the following loadout:

  • Primary Weapon= TPC Launcher
  • Secondary = Any
  • Grenade = Flash Grenade
  • Primary Upgrade = Energy Focus
  • Sencondary Upgrade A = Ammo Belt
  • Sencondary Upgrade B = Quickness
  • Sencondary Upgrade C = Improved Energy Damage

Wrestlers can use any loadout they want, but no weapons can be used for anything but meleeing. Wrestlers cannot use the following: AR-C Eclipse, Charged functions of any weapon, Radiation Grenades, Frag Grenades, and the Alternate Fire Mode of any weapon except the Carbonizer Mk16.

Note: Wrestlers can use Flash Grenades.


  • This game was attempted for The Conduit but did not work very well since there were no borders to the arena.
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