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I'm a Youtube user by the same name, photographer and High School student. Due to my inability to post well written formal essays, i have decided to take up on some time to improve my writing style while doing something useful, fun and enjoyable for myself. I decided to make an account on Wikipedia, and soon after i came across Wikia's and then randomly editing some Wikia articles with useful information that i knew that wasn't listed. When first coming across The Conduit Wikia, i started editing a few pages as an unregistered user, but then decided to register as i want to try making many more changes and making this Wikia as up to date on The Conduit Universe as possible. Working on trying to improve the Wikia, i have decided on a goal to get the Wikia ready for the release of Conduit 2 and to try to make it a well known collective source of information about the series from around the internet. There are many different sites with communities developing information about The Conduit back before it was released and after it was released. Trying to gather all that information from the past, and current and to try and put it together at one location is an inspired goal since i started editing on here. At the moment, i feel that the Wikia can be vastly improved with more support and I'm fully willing to advertise the Wikia in the future when many more articles feel more complete rather than incomplete. In The future, i hope to get this Wikia to become a well known resource for The Conduit users as well as first time users who are new to the series.

When editing i usually do a half or partial job on editing, so most articles i edit will only be partly edited and not completely edited to the point of where I'm happy with.

Currently as of August 16th, 2010 - I'm editing the articles: Michael Ford, The Trust, Neurotoxin, Conduit 2, locations, maps and all weapons. I don't plan on editing much information in the weapon descriptions, but rather work on the format of each page and make a nice clean format for both weapons and maps. I do however plan on entering in information about each map, or at least as much information that i can give. I do not fully understand how Wikipedia or Wikia's work as of yet as I'm still learning as i edit. I will occasionally make a mistake in an article and having to re-edit it a few times just to correct it.

If needed to be spoken to about a certain matter, then please feel free to message me on Youtube.

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