I am a big fan of Sci-Fi and FPS games, mostly The Conduit series and the Metroid series (Both Prime and side-scroller versions) but I dabble in the Call of duty series occasionally. When I see something dirty or out-of-place I can't help but clean it up, which is why I am constantly editing this Wiki. I am actually very proud to admit that I have played Conduit atleast 3 hours every day since it was released April 19th 2011.  I finally stopped in June 2012.

My favorite weapon catagory is the "Extremes" which is actually two catagories fused together into one; Extreme-Long-Range and Extreme-Close-Range. The Conduit 2 weapons in those catgories are: Strike Rifle, Phaze Rifle, SPAS 12, Warp Pistol (Charge), AR-C Eclipse (Charge), and sometimes AEGIS Device.

My top three favorite weapons, in order of highest to lowest, from any games is: AEGIS Device, Phase Rifle, AR-C Eclipse. Notice they are all from Conduit 2? Then I guess HVS did something right!

I can be compared to a Coelacanth, I am slow, tough, and rugged, and when something scares or threatens me I will dash with enormous speed and power. If/when I need to, I can deliver huge damage to what needs to be destroyed. When I'm minding my own business I am still not going down easily, I always have an escape plan and multiple deadly traps hidden. Like a Coelacanth my biggest weakness is getting taken out of my natural environment, in which case I still have anescape plan and 3 different combat-scenarios planned for.

I am partly known for my role in Conduit Jack*** where I played the part of the black hole troll.

My Favorite Loadouts[edit | edit source]

AEGIS Device Loadout:

  • Weapons: AEGIS Device, Deatomizer Mk4, Frag Grenade.
  • Upgrades: Capacitor, Helmet, Supercharger, Light Armor.
  • Strategy: Crouch down with AEGIS Device shield charged, exposing my head instead of my feet. Crawl closer until I get into effective range for the Deatomizer Mk4, switch to it and start blasting out charges.

Drudge Soldier:

  • Weapons: Strike Rifle, Warp Pistol, Radiation Grenade.
  • Upgrades: Capacitor, Ammo Belt (Or Stabilizer in Custom games with ammo boxes), Quickness, Improved Energy Damage.
  • Strategy: Use the Strike Rifle charge and scope to snipe enemies at mid-long range. Use Warp Pistol charge spam for close range.


  • Weapons: SPAS 12, HVS45, Frag.
  • Upgrades: Heavy Armor, Helmet, Mending, Light Armor.
  • Strategy: Run around bulldozing my enemies with my SPAS 12.  If there are snipers than I'll crouch down and stand still trying to snipe their head with my HVS45 before they hit me twice.


  • Weapons: AR-C Eclipse, USP45, Radiation Grenade.
  • Upgrades: Stealth, Metal Legs, Supercharger, Improved Melee.
  • Strategy: Cloak with AR-C Eclipse and backstab unsuspecting players. Use USP45 to firefight or run away.

UB3R_SN!P3R (my username):

  • Weapons: Phase Rifle, USP45, Flash Grenade.
  • Upgrades: Phase Rifle Specialization, Phase Rifle Penetration, Quickness, Phase Rifle Tuning.
  • Strategy: "Hardscope" Snipe enemies at long range, "Quickscope" Snipe enemies at mid-long range. Engage in firefight with USP45 when at close range. Don't stay still, always move around since always on radar (Phase Rifle Specialization).


  • Weapons: Hive Cannon, MP5KA4, Frag Grenade.
  • Upgrades: Ballistic Focus, Stabilizer, Quickness, Improved Ballistic Damage.
  • Strategy: Coat enemies in the guts of exploding bugs and only firefight.

My favorite Pages on this Wiki[edit | edit source]

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