Hello, I am excited about this game. It is on pre-order fully paid and will be on my doorstep when I get home on release day. I am an advant Monster Hunter fan and work on both Monster Hunter and Left4Dead wikis.

I have found out that if you pre-order a game from Gamestop chose pick up in store because it will be a few days even with overnight shipping to get to you. But I WILL finally have it today.

Multi-Player Connection[edit | edit source]

I have created my little speal on the Multi-Player Connection. I hope the forum grows it would be cool to get a community of people together for the game. I hope that everyone joins it.

It has been moved to forums>conduit>Multi-Player Connection

I finnally got it[edit | edit source]

I got the game 6/25/2009. Don't pre-order and opt to have it shipped to you, just pick it up. I feel the multi-player is beautiful and comparable to other 1st person shooter greats such as Halo series. I only wish that they will incorperate vehicles. But hey they have to save something for #2 right?

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