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Hello! I am Samuel Eugene White! I am an editor of this Conduit Wiki.

Age: Unknown         Eyes: Brown  

HT: Over 5 feet         WT: Unknown

Hair: Black          Skin: Brown-White

The Conduit Code: 4941-4090-7341

Wii Color: Black     Residence: Arizona, USA

Website:  Email:

Youtube Username: samwhite2000 Username: samwhite2000

Occupancy: Current Sitemaster of SGC-X Elite!  

Hey there! My trifling name is Samuel. But on my site I am known as Dimentio

I have been running SGC-X since April 2008. And I enjoy it. As you can tell,

I am a Mario and Sonic Fan. (sorta) And I perfer Nintendo over the other

Companies. I own almost all Nintendo consoles and a XBOX 360.

I will enjoy editing this Wiki. The Conduit is an exciting first person shooter for the Wii.

And It surprised me due to its graphics, sicne that was probably hard to achieve on a

Wii console. Give it up for High Voltage Software! I hope their next games are good!

 This is Samuel Eugene White! Ciao!

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