Hey all with the release of the conduit 2 I was thinking the old conduit favicon is old and outdated, so I was thinking of changing it to something different. Possible ideas are an ASE, the new loading screen logo, the new helmet for michael ford etc. What are your thoughts and feeling on this?

Edit: below are 4 favicons I just made if you would please discuss which one would be better for the long run of the wikia it would be greatly appreciated :)

Eye of Ra this is the Eye of Ra from the second game [looks cool but would have to be replaced should a third come out]

Destroyer helmet Michael's new helmet [it looks cool but would have to be replace should a third one come out]

Conduit2 logo One of the logos used [do not suggest as is hard to see]

Ase The original Ase [I personally suggest this as it is unbias and can cover a lot of ground]

Remember one of those will be replacing the current one or this Michael ford so choose wisely also to replace it go to File:Favicon.ico and upload one :)

also note it isn't a requirement to change it more of a suggestion :)

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