Hey, I'm a new use on the forums, and I've had conduit 2 since April 5th 2012. I have never played The Conduit. I have been following the first conduit since before it came out, but my parents were reluctant to let me get the game. I managed to snag the last copy of the conduit 2 at my local store. I think the fact that the limited edition was still available is just proof that the community and marketing of the game was tiny. I frequented this wiki a lot, and I'm thinking of starting up a youtube channel, so I was wondering how the community is going. I occasionally manage to get a good solid game online with 10 or so players, and I have seen at least one forum which is still fairly active. But I want to see how the community is going. If you are an active conduit 2 player, could you please comment with your conduit 2 online name, conduit 2 friend code, and wii friend code.


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