The Conduit Wiki

VIP is a new multiplayer game mode that is available in Conduit 2.

The game mode is a part of the team objective category. When playing with this rule, players must find and kill a particular player of the opposing team (the VIP) to earn points. This player will be marked on the HUD with the objective mark and his/her distance will be visible no matter where in the map it is. This also applies to VIP teammates, making easier to locate them if separated. After a VIP has been killed, other random team member will become one. Like other team based modes, three pilars can be found in the match and can be captured by standing near them; these pilars grant power boosts (Health, Speed, and Power) for the members of team that captures them. Capturing and securing these can take some time.

VIP players must be killed while they are in the "reviving" state to score a point, or at least, they must be prevented from being revived by someone else.

The HUD will feature 2 displays in addition of the standard ones:

  • One for showing the current VIPs killed of both teams.
  • And one that shows the status of the three pilars with their symbols having either red, and blue colors indicating which team has captured them, or white if they have not been secured by neither of the teams.

This mode is basically a team deathmath version of the Bounty Hunter mode in the Free for All category, except there is no penalty for killing other enemies in the opposing team.

John Adams will announce events on the match and victory for the red team, while Andromeda will do it for the blue team.


  • Currently VIP games tend to end in a tie game due to unknown programming errors. This also affects the points indicator, sometimes the indicator works backwards (the losing team is the one with the longest bar). Other errors also include failure to compute an assasination and indicating a wrong teammate VIP player.