Virginia Dare was the first colonist born in the what would later become U.S.A. She was born in Roanoke Colony, and born to Ellinor Dare and Ananias Dare. She is a real person in real life.


Virginia Dare was the first colonist child to be born in America, and was the daughter of Ellinor Dare and Ananias Dare. She lived with her parents and the rest of the colonists in Roanoke Colony until for some reason every single person disapeared without a trace except for a single carved word found by a tree near the former colony. From scant information learned from hidden messages, she was the first Human turned into a Puppet by the Progenitors to serve them.

Hidden MessagesEdit

  • "Where is Virginia Dare?"
  • "The Union of Ellinor and Ananias Dare was the catalyst!!" (indirectly refers to her birth)
  • Virginia Dare was the first Puppet of our Master!"


  • The current fate of Virginia Dare, Ellinor Dare and Ananias Dare in real life is unknown. It's possible they lived with the local indian tribes, were killed by an indian tribe or simply died in attempt to return home in Europe.


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