The Whitehouse is a location and campaign level in The Conduit. The Whitehouse is the home of Charles Thompson, the president of the United States of America in The Conduit universe. The Whitehouse in The Conduit is a remake of the real Whitehouse in Washington, D.C. where the original story of The Conduit takes place. Located in the Press room when standing in front of the podium, a computer chip can be seen and activated using the ASE. When activated a the sound from the Trust ammo cache can be heard and a small tune follows. Although no door, secret or ammo cache opens, this in fact allows the fourth artwork set to be made available for viewing in unlockables.

In the campaign level Gridlock, Drudge forces had made their way to the Whitehouse. Players would be encountering Drones, Mites, Skimmers and a lone Scarab during their search to save the president from Drudge forces.

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