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A new multiplayer level featured in Conduit 2. The level is based off of the Siberian tundra as seen in the singleplayer mode mission Siberia Crash.


The map is probably the less symetrical of the twelve available in Conduit 2, as it has a kind of a figure eight (8) shape, but its bases and Control Points are located in different areas of the map and also sport unique terrain and obstructions each. Both team bases however, feature the same elements:

  • A small bunker-like structure in the shape of an L
  • A sniper base with access to it's roof, that also leads to a ravine. A control point is close to each one.
  • A bridge that connects both bunkers.
  • High ground natural elevations to snipe.

The Red side features:

  • A small building with openings in all sides near the sniper base.
  • A short tunnel connecting the bunker with the sniper building.
  • Another tunnel, with more of a T shape, connecting the bunker with the speed control point.
  • The natural overpass to the blue side is blocked by a wall on this side.
  • The long path to the blue bunker is mostly free of obstructions on the red side.

The Blue side features:

  • Overall a slightly bigger figthing zone.
  • The crashed HAVOC Gunship from the story mode but without fire.
  • A short natural tunnel that passes through a large rock leading to the speed control point.
  • The natural overpass to the red side leads directly to a hole, after it connects with the rest of the "bridge".
  • The long path to the red base is covered by large structures near the blue bunker.

Because of its layout, the fights are distributed all over the map.

Avalanche, is a smaller map based on Whiteout, it has some sections cut out to make it more suited for fewer players and for Invasion Mode.


  • This map possesses arguably the least balanced locations for the goal rings on ASE Basketball, as the blue team has a relatively shorter path to reach red team's base from the ASE's location.